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Middle School

Emerald Christian Academy proudly follows faith- centered education for all students. Adhering to Biblical principles in every facet of learning allows the student the opportunity to see Christ in His rightful position as ruler and redeemer.

Adventist Education Elementary Standards

What learners should know (content) and be able to do (skills), serve as the framework for curriculum development. Standards in NAD Seventh-day Adventist schools reflect the Adventist worldview across the K-12 curricula as well as the integration of national and provincial/state standards. The Adventist worldview accepts the Bible as the standard by which everything else is measured. Four key concepts emerge from a biblical worldview that can be used as a lens for curriculum development, as well as informing the essential questions and big ideas of any content area: creation (What is God’s intention?), fall (How has God’s purpose been distorted?), redemption (How does God help us to respond?), and Re-creation (How can we be restored in the image of God?).

Language Arts

Pathways: A Journey to Excellence through Literacy is based on a balanced approach focusing on individual student needs combined with effective practices. Current research in theories and principles of language arts (reading, writing, handwriting, and spelling) form the basis for these effective practices.


Big Ideas Math is the only complete middle school math program developed with the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Content and Standards for Mathematical Practice as its foundation. It is the only program to offer both the Regular Pathway and the Compacted Pathway through middle school mathematics. The curriculum prepares students for Algebra 1 or Integrated 1 in 9th grade.


ECA has a series of Bible based textbooks published by Kendall-Hunt to guide students into a greater knowledge of the Godhead and their work in our salvation. The foundations of all other learning, students not only learn the stories of the Bible but they are guided to be able to readily identify and understand the unfailing love of God. Scripture is memorized and students are provided opportunities to share and build their faith.


By Design is a creation based curriculum showing the craftsmanship of God in the creation of earth. Created to link Science and Faith, By Design shows students how Science actually backs what the Bible says. When properly taught, Science reflects back to the infinite power of God and allows room for inquisitive minds to grow and develop without sacrificing principle.

Social Studies

Prentice Hall World Studies introduces middle grade students to a region and then focuses on specific countries in each region to create a context for understanding state and local standards.

Additional Courses and Activities

Band, Choir, Spanish, Art, Physical Education, Technology, and Field Trips

Sixth grade Outdoor School

ASB Beach Day

Eighth Grade Class Trip

Eighth Grade Graduation

The purpose of the school is not only to provide a Christian atmosphere where students may grow as young Christian boys and girls but also to excel academically. Emerald Christian Academy provides the opportunity for young people to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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