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Why go to a Junior Academy?

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  • Low Teacher-to-Student Ratio
  • Affordability
  • Social & Emotional Maturity
  • Educational Transition


As middle school students move toward high school, they are both excited and concerned. They look forward to more freedom, more choice, and the opportunity to develop friendships. They often get nervous and feel lost in large unfamiliar surroundings, worry about making bad grades, having numerous teachers, more challenging school work and homework overload. If the school doesn’t fit, the frustration levels build, self-confidence plummets and the student gives up. In addition, for mom and dad, the matriculation into private higher education is often accompanied by a higher fee. As parents attempt to save for college, finances become more of a concern.

A junior academy enables both the academically strong as well as those students who are challenged to establish a foundation of learning which forms the basis for senior high school performance. Low teacher-to-student ratios with subject certified teachers create an environment of achievement tailored to the individual needs of the student. A smaller school setting gives burgeoning leaders a platform for maturation and confidence. A junior academy experience offers a bridge for students navigating the trials of adolescence into adulthood; aiding in the development of positive self image and social relationships. Private four-year high school tuition start at $10,000 per year and goes up from there. Tuition at a junior academy can be as much as 50% less and permits families to save funds for future educational investments. Two years spent in a specifically-designed and academically-strong high school, empowers the student to overcome most adolescent insecurities, as well as prepares the student for a confident well-adjusted senior high school experience.

If you would like to explore this educational option, we encourage you to call today to see how ECA can better assist your child’s educational needs. We can also arrange a shadow day, where your child can follow another student through a day at ECA.