35582 Zephyr Way, Pleasant Hill, OR 97455
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Our high expectations of our students often put them about a half of a year ahead of their peers in other schools. When students transition from our school they report having to repeat things that they have already learned. Students that leave often report how much they miss Emerald Christian Academy’s family atmosphere.


Our Pre-K meets from 8:00am-11:30am with the Kindergarten class. They will work on developing their skills in [NEED TO COMPLETE]


Our all-day program is directed by the State of Oregon. Our Kindergarten students will spend their morning with the Pre-K students and join the 1st and 2nd grade classroom in the afternoon. This allows them to [NEED TO COMPLETE]

Elementary School

Grades 1st-4th have a focus of [NEED TO COMPLETE]

Middle School

Grades 5th-8th have a focus of [NEED TO COMPLETE]

High School

Grades 9th and 10th have a focus of [NEED TO COMPLETE]